Monday, April 20, 2020

Power BI - Consume on-premises data sources for external users with on-premises data gateway

In my previous post I illustrated how to use on-premises data gateway to expose on-premises data to Power BI.

I will show how external users can access those information.

Step 1: Ad external user to Azure Active Directory tenant

Step 2: Create a data source using the on-premises data gateway

Step 3: Create the data source in reports workspace

Step 4: Create test report

Step 5: Add permissions for external user

Let's try it out

By this way I was able to provide external user access to reports.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Configure on-premises data gateway to analyze on-premises data with Power BI

Recently I configured Power BI on-premises data gateway to connect on-premises SQL Server Analysis Services to Power BI. 

My objective was to make my on-premises data source to be available as a data source in Power BI. Then I will create my reports without a hassle. 

Following are the steps I followed

Step 01: Download on-premises data gateway installer

Step 02: Install on-premises data gateway installer

Step 03: Configure on-premises data gateway installer from on-premises server

Step 04: Configure Gateway from Power BI side

Let's try this out

That's all we need to do.