Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Collab365 “Low-Trust Provider Hosted Apps for On-Premise SharePoint 2013”

speakers-badgeCollab365 Global Conference is set to be this years BIGGEST and most wide ranging event yet. With over 120 speakers.

There are sessions ranging from SharePoint, Office365, Windows Azure and  business implementation of these technologies.

Best part of this conference is that it is Free and it is Online :)




I’ll be covering a session on Low-trust provider hosted apps for on-premise SharePoint 2013.

In this session I will show how to configure On-Premise SharePoint 2013 environment, to consume Low-Trust Provider-Hosted apps created as Azure Web Site/Cloud Service.This allows us to decouple applications from SharePoint, and reap all the benefits of Platform as a Service (PaaS) provided by Windows Azure Websites.

You will learn

  • Provider-Hosted app authentication/authorization models
  • Use Office 365 tenant to make ACS as our trust provider
  • How to create sample low-trust provider hosted app for on-premise environment
  • Use azure web site/cloud service to host the app (MVC web application)