Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Collab365 conference : “Rich single page applications with SharePoint”

It feels great to be selected yet another time to speak at Collab365 conference. This time I will be talking about how to build single page applications with SharePoint.

There are lots of ways to develop applications on top of SharePoint. You can build full trust farm solutions, SharePoint add-ins or SharePoint framework based apps. But can we do customizations without limiting to any of these frameworks?

In this session I will explain how to build and package Single Page Applications (SPA) on top of SharePoint and embrace client side technologies


Following are some links for the event

Friday, August 4, 2017

Integrate SharePoint Framework solution in to TFS project

This is the second part of the article series on how to manage SharePoint Framework solution in a team environment

  1. Configure SharePoint Framework solution with Git
  2. Integrate SharePoint Framework solution in to TFS project
  3. Automate build and release for SharePoint Framework solution

In this article I will show how to integrate our SharePoint Framework solution in to a TFS project.

Why do we need a separate TFS project? Can’t we manage all within our Git repository?

Following are key benefits

  • We will get a bunch of project management features like team management, task management, etc.
  • Allow the project to be inline with a specific methodology (e.g Agile).
  • Assist build and release management

Following is a walkthrough on how to integrate our Git repository into a TFS Online project

1. Create a project in TFS online


2. Import our Git repository