Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Completely remove SSRS instance from SharePoint farm

In this article I’ll show how to completely remove SSRS instance setup in SharePoint 2013 integrated mode. Before reading on the uninstallation procedure, you can read this article on installing and configuring SSRS

When we install SSRS in SharePoint integrated mode, there are two components we need to configure. They are,

  • Reporting Services Add-In for SharePoint
  • Reporting Services – SharePoint

When uninstalling, we have to remove both of those components.

1. Removing Reporting Services Add-In for SharePoint

Remember, we have to setup Reporting Services Add-In in all SharePoint servers.So we have to remove them from all SharePoint servers in the farm.

Anyway uninstallation is straight forward. First you have to navigate to Add/Remove programs and uninstall the add-in as you would do for any other program


2. Removing Reporting Services – SharePoint

To remove this we need to log-in to our SSRS server, the server where our “SQL Server Reporting Services” instance is running in our farm. Then we have to navigate to Add/Remove programs again and perform following actions






3. Remove Service Application Databases

Above actions will not remove service application databases. You have to manually remove them from your database server

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Ofer Gal said...

I have the issue in SharePoint 2016 SQL 2016 RS

Removing shows error C:\Program FilesXCommon Files\microsoft shared\Web Server
Extensions'^ 5\TEMPLATE\FEATURES is unavailable.