Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Testing IOT Hub with Raspberry Pi Azure IoT Online Simulator

Internet of Things (IOT) is a hot topic these days. 

However, you might need to do a lot of groundwork in order to configure and maintain such service. Like creating the backend, hosting it somewhere and device management.

Furthermore what are you going to do with the telemetry data? You need to provide applications (Warehouse, Triggered functionality, etc..) separately based to your need.

That's where Azure IOT hub comes into the picture. It's a PaaS solution which is highly scalable and able to integrate with many other cloud resources.

IOT hub is designed to provide two way communication between the backend and your IOT devices.

Let's test this.

You can easily use Raspberry Pi Azure IoT Online Simulator to test the functionality without any physical device

Let's first create our IOT hub

Navigate to Devices and click on Add Device

Click on the newly created device

Select the primary connection string

Paste the connection string on Raspberry Pi Azure IoT Online Simulator code

Now click on run to test

Great!! It is sending messages to Azure

Let's test it on the Azure side. I'm using Azure cloud shell to test

  • az extension add --name azure-iot
  • az iot hub monitor-events --hub-name contoso-hub

I'm getting response from the other side as well

What else can we do with this.

I wrote an article which extends this.

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