Wednesday, November 15, 2017

SharePoint Online : “2013 experience version will be used” when creating a Site Collection

Recently one of my customers asked whether we have SharePoint 2013 or 2016 in SharePoint Online. This was due to the label “2013 experience version will be used” which is visible when creating new site collections.

It’s true that the following notification is bit confusing


What is the meaning of this message?

Currently a fork of SharePoint 2016 is being used in SharePoint Online. However it uses SharePoint 2013 compatibility level to avoid any compatibility issues in site templates.

How to check the current compatibility level?

Get-SPOSite -Identity -detailed |fl


How to check the currently installed SharePoint version?

Navigate to a SharePoint Online site and inspect Response Headers. means a SharePoint 2016 implementation



Currently we have SharePoint 2016 in SharePoint Online with SharePoint 2013 compatibility mode to avoid compatibility issues. Microsoft will gradually upgrade to SharePoint 2016 experience near future.

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